PMD Pro picture of the month – February, 2018

PMD Pro picture of the month – February, 2018

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Trust Consultancy & Development had completed training in Project Management for Development PMD Pro1 in Gaziantep with trainers Mr. Hassan Jenedie (Trust Capacity Building Director) & Mr. Akkash Asheer (Trust Turkish Program Manager) from 18 – 22 December 2017

Trust also provides a PMD Pro1 test submission service and one of the trainee from Moretania (work at world vision) submitted PMD Pro1 test in Trust company and succeeded.

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PMD Pro Guide renew and rewrite

PMD Pro Guide renew and rewrite

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This month we started the PMD Pro renew and rewrite process. Board Members, staff, and PMD Pro specialists met for three days and were able to outline the new edition of PMD Pro structure and content. An amazing output!

Well, actually, this process has started last year, when we collected suggestions and feedbacks. Trainers and practitioners have recommended what could be included in the guide, what should be more detailed, and if there is any tool, technique, or content that should be removed.

Why are we updating PMD Pro?

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PMD Pro Starter on your phone

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PMD Pro Starter is a guide and website that has been put together by LINGOs working together with Plan International, PM4NGOs and the Humanitarian Leadership Academy.

LINGOs team has break PMD Pro down into fifteen tools. Each tool has an explanation, a template, a short, two minute animated video and a short slide deck of three/four slides.

Peter Marlow has developed a mobile version that can be acccessed offline – that´s the PMD Pro Starter Guide to take anywhere you go!

You can also read the story behind PMD Pro Starter at our blog, access the PMD Pro Starter mobile website at to watch the videos and download the content, or download the Pocket Guide below.




The PM4NGOs Program Guide is live!

PgMD Pro Guide, Program Management

PM4NGOs has developed the Program Management for Development Professionals Guide to provide advice, tools, and guidance to help Program Managers work effectively at a pivotal level in local, national and international NGOs.

Program managers play an essential role by providing an interface between their organization’s strategic management team and project managers who are accountable for the successful delivery of small, medium, and large projects.

Collecting the community feedback is a key step to improve the guide before the grand launch, in July.

The Guide has been soft launched – for consultation and feedbacks. The consultation period is from May 9th to 31st. We would like to invite you to read the Guide and then send us your feedback.

You can access the Guide preview (full content) at the following link:

A Program Management for Development Professionals Guide – PgMD

After reading the guide, please provide your feedback, through the following survey:

PgMD Feedback Form

After the deadline (May 31st) the PgMD preview will remain available, but the consultation will be closed.

We appreciate your valuable contribution!

How does PMD Pro helps Syrian crisis?

Alan Harpham Award, PMD Pro

Due to the existence of the most egregious humanitarian crises after the Second World War, many Syrians in Diaspora or inside the country have united their efforts to respond to the most vulnerable human beings that are affected by the Syrian War. A number of them have left their professions, universities and business to forum groups and gatherings to support in any mean that was available. As it is known, independent civil society organizations could not exist inside Syria for years and years ago due to several reasons; which resulted that those gatherings were close to charities than well-developed organizations. Those grass roots and diaspora organizations were operating with full passion to help the affected people without even the knowledge of the minimum humanitarian standards and systems in responding to such crises.

The humanitarian sector inside Syria has started with voluntary efforts by collecting second hand clothes and food items from their relatives, friends and neighbors to support the internally displaced people that were hosted in schools, public buildings and houses. The resources for such activities are so limited which made the volunteers to start conducting fund raising, and micro livelihood initiatives that provided additional money through the items that were sold for this noble objective. The entire world supported in somehow to such efforts by buying those products or donating even with small amounts to Syrian children and their families.

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