You Are Not Alone!

You Are Not Alone!

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While the challenges confronting development projects are extensive and complex, they are by no means exclusive to projects managed in the development sector.

Chaos Report Project Results

Take, for example, the information provided in this graph and its accompanying table. Each year the Standish Group conducts a survey entitled the Chaos Report, collecting responses from over 10,000 Information Technology (IT) projects. The report identifies the percentage of IT projects evaluated as “succeeded”, “challenged” or “failed.”¹

Year after year, the Chaos Report results indicate that the majority of IT projects surveyed by the Standish Group are assessed as “challenged” or “failed” and only a relatively small percentage are considered to have “succeeded.” In 2008, for example, the percentage of unqualified project successes was 32%; failures (defined as projects abandoned midstream) were 24%, and the remaining 44% of projects were completed but “challenged” by cost overruns, calendar delays, and/or failed to deliver all the project products or services.

It is important to acknowledge that the Chaos Report does not address development projects. The survey was designed and implemented by a project management services firm to study the results of IT projects. However, the results of the report are helpful in that they underscore the challenges of delivering successful projects and they provide data that help us answer the key question, “What are the key issues that result in project challenges and failures?”

According to the analysis of the 2009 Chaos Report, there are three issues that most frequently result in challenged projects².

  1. Incomplete requirements and specifications;
  2. Lack of contingency planning for managing risks; and
  3. Failure to learn from mistakes

Does this sound familiar? What is striking about the analysis of challenged projects in the IT sector is how similar the issues are to those in development sector. Continue reading “You Are Not Alone!”

Webinar: PMD Pro – o novo e revisado guia. Quando e quais mudanças esperar?

Webinar: PMD Pro – o novo e revisado guia. Quando e quais mudanças esperar?


PM4NGOs is making webinars in different languages to share the news about PMD Pro Guide Rewrite for as most people as possible. This one was in portuguese by our executive director, Edson Marinho. See the video!

O PM4NGOs está fazendo webinars em diferentes línguas para disseminar as mudanças no Guia PMD Pro para o maior número de pessoas possível! Este webinar em português foi ministrado por nosso diretor executivo, Edson Marinho. Veja o vídeo!

New Perspective in Project Management

New Perspective in Project Management

Project Management

The PM4NGOs partner IPMA International collaborated to create the international workshop: “New perspective in Project Management”.


This article was originally published on IPMA International. Written by Sandra Mišić and Amin Saidoun.

On 9th of May 2018 Turkish Project Management Association in collaboration with IPMA and Gazi University organized an international workshop.

The topic with the title: “New perspective in Project Management” attracted over 150 attendees from private but mainly academic sector.

Both national and international speakers were invited to the event.

Dr Jesús Martínez Almela (Spain), IPMA President started the workshop with an opening speech, underlining that IPMA strongly supports the development of project management in the Turkey.

The workshop was organized in two sessions. The topic of the first session was New Standards in Project Management and the second one addressed Current Trends in Project Management. Continue reading “New Perspective in Project Management”

“I am PMD Pro Certified – what´s next?”

“I am PMD Pro Certified – what´s next?”

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PM4NGOs is here to help you to develop your skills and experience as a project or program manager. You’ve worked hard to get your Certificate, but what comes next?

We are considering starting professional development program for all PMD Pro and PgMD Pro professionals. It will be called PMD+ and will aim to support you in developing your career, to become better at what you do and gain greater satisfaction from your job.

PMD+ will be managed through a new website. You will be invited to register. We will provide a menu of project and program related activities, some formal, such as webinars and mentoring, some informal, such as posting a report on our forum of a recent project you have worked on. You will log your activities on the website, reflecting on how these activities have helped develop your project or program capabilities. You will earn a badge when you have completed the required amount of professional development for the year.

We will also provide a list of competencies that are needed by project and program managers. You can rate yourself against these competencies to decide the areas you would like to develop over the next year and create a development plan, discussing it with your line manager or a mentor.

Before we start PMD+ we need your help! What do you think of this idea? Do you think it will work? What sort of activities should we offer? Please complete the short survey at 

Thanks for your help. We will let you know what happens.

Peter Marlow, Board Member

Continue reading ““I am PMD Pro Certified – what´s next?””

PMD Pro picture of the month – February, 2018

PMD Pro picture of the month – February, 2018

PMDPro Guide, Project Management

Trust Consultancy & Development had completed training in Project Management for Development PMD Pro1 in Gaziantep with trainers Mr. Hassan Jenedie (Trust Capacity Building Director) & Mr. Akkash Asheer (Trust Turkish Program Manager) from 18 – 22 December 2017

Trust also provides a PMD Pro1 test submission service and one of the trainee from Moretania (work at world vision) submitted PMD Pro1 test in Trust company and succeeded.

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PMD Pro Guide renew and rewrite

PMD Pro Guide renew and rewrite

PMD Pro, PMD Pro Certification, PMDPro Guide, Program Management, Project Management

This month we started the PMD Pro renew and rewrite process. Board Members, staff, and PMD Pro specialists met for three days and were able to outline the new edition of PMD Pro structure and content. An amazing output!

Well, actually, this process has started last year, when we collected suggestions and feedbacks. Trainers and practitioners have recommended what could be included in the guide, what should be more detailed, and if there is any tool, technique, or content that should be removed.

Why are we updating PMD Pro?

Continue reading “PMD Pro Guide renew and rewrite”

Why PMD Pro?

Why PMD Pro?


Among several project management methodologies, why PMD Pro? John Cropper is the PM4NGOs vice-chair and was one of the guide writers and talks about the PMD Pro Guide highlights. 

PMD Pro picture of the month – December, 2017

PMD Pro picture of the month – December, 2017

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Trust Consultancy & Development in cooperation with Bousla had completed a training in Project Management for Development PMD Pro1 in Gaziantep with the trainers Mr. Hassan Jenedie (Trust Capacity Building Director) and Mr. Akkash Asheer (Trust Turkish Program Manager).

This training was conducted as part of “Keys” initiative which aims to build the capacity of 25 young men and women and provide them with necessary skills needed to enter the labor market in organizations sector.

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