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Program Management for Development Professionals Guide
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Rede Filantropia, uma organização parceira do PM4NGOs
June 22, 2019
É com alegria que o PM4NGOs anuncia que a Rede Filantropia é uma de suas organizações treinadoras parceiras. Texto por: Rede Filantropia A Rede Filan
Rede Filantropia, PM4NGOs training partner
June 22, 2019
PM4NGOs gladly announce Rede Filantropia as new training partner. Written by: Rede FilantropiaTranslated by: PM4NGOs Rede Filantropia has been worki...
Why do we need five steps to develop a schedule?
May 29, 2019
Before learning and adopting best practices for project management, developing a project schedule was a pain. I used to grab the project proposal and other...
Partnership management
May 22, 2019
Social, environmental, and economic needs are complex and require participation of a variety of stakeholders. It is essential for an organization to form p...