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Latest blogs

The empowering feeling of participation
April 24, 2019
By Oliver Carrick “No. We’re not talking about that now. Would anyone else like to participate?” So spoke the President of a local NGO to the monthly meeting
Long live the Decision Gates
April 17, 2019
During the project launch meeting, suddenly, the Project Manager raises from his chair and shouts: “long live decision gates!” Yes, decision gates must live long and walk through the entire project life. But what are decision gate
The End of the Project – Game of Thrones Season Finale
April 10, 2019
I am almost sure that I've read an article comparing Project Management with Game of Thrones. But, with the coming of the season finale, I cannot avoid thinking on how the project would end if the project manager were one of the Game of Thrones character...
Game Changer, a new training partner
April 7, 2019
Written by: Game Changer Team PM4NGOs gladly announce Game Changer as our new training partner. Welcome to Game Changer! We are excited to officially ...