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“How to learn” flowchart
August 19, 2019
I wanted to share with you this excellent “How to learn” flowchart I saw recently at Tukongote School and Study Centre near the Victoria Falls at Livingstone i
Program DPro (PgMD Pro) Rebranding
July 22, 2019
Over the past 10 years, PMD Pro has reached 27 thousand professionals, working at 1,250 organizations, in 165 countries. This is the number of professionals tha...
Supporting Termanin center for prostheses
July 17, 2019
by Mohammad Mansor Alatrash Mohammad Mansor is one of the winners of the #StoryContest Project Name: supporting Termanin center for prostheses at the n...
Training professionals in project management
July 10, 2019
By Bimal Ghimire Bimal Guimire, is one of the winners of the #StoryContest. Hi, my name is Bimal Ghimire. I am a project manager by profession and I hav...


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