Community Planning Session in Progress: Mudzi Secondary School staff, and Community members setting responsibilities and targets

PMD Pro in action in Mudzi, Zimbabwe

Mudzi is a district of Mashonaland in the far eastern part of Zimbabwe. World Vision International ( runs an Area Development Programme in Mudzi and the programme has adopted the use of PMD Pro and its project management tools. This has facilitated its projects being implemented on time, on scope and within budget.


In order to introduce the tools, four staff members were trained in PMD Pro. Subsequently four community members also received the same training. These were selected on the basis of their areas being potentially earmarked for critical infrastructure projects. Mudzi secondary school, and Chitambazi Primary communities were among those to receive this training.

Activity Sequence: Mudzi Secondary School Block 2
Activity Sequence: Mudzi Secondary School Block 2

PMD Pro in use in Mudzi at Mudzi Secondary

After Mudzi Stakeholders, the Community, and World Vison agreed that the construction of Mudzi Secondary school was a priority area for the District, a community meeting was set to agree on implementation terms. During this meeting, communities, being led by the School Development Committee Chair, Mr Petros Rore;

  1. Listed the activities required for the project to be completed, highlighting required resources for each activity listed through the Work Breakdown Structure
  2. Sequenced the activities into a Network Diagram, highlighting the Critical Path
  3. Drew up a Gantt Chart to help planning and monitoring project progress
Classroom Block Completion Activities, the Network Diagram, and the Critical Path
Classroom Block Completion Activities, the Network Diagram, and the Critical Path


Construction activities at Mudzi Secondary have been amongst the fastest and most efficient projects in the Mudzi programme. They have required less monitoring efforts from World Vision staff as the communities set their own targets, and have self-monitoring tools in place. The Gantt Chart is displayed on the project site for all stakeholders to see. This is a great result, but what is really exciting is the way that the WVI staff have cascaded the use of these tools to community level, where most of the project activities are carried out.

The communities then employed the techniques, tools, and lessons learnt to manage subsequent projects on the site with improved efficiency. Subsequently two classroom blocks and a teacher’s house have built on site within two years, and the school has started operating on the site.

The Community, SDC, and School staff have made the management tools a standard for all their projects and say that these have improved their processes and this is helping them in their bid to establish their school.

I think this story really show the way in which PMD Pro is actionable. These are tools that you can put into practice now – they just help people make a difficult job, easier!

Well done to World Vision Zimbabwe and all the people working on the project in Mudzi – and a special shout out Mr. Khumbulani Ndlovu, the Integrated Programs Director for World Vision in Zimbabwe. He sent me this story and has played a key role in introducing PMD Pro.

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