How does a PMDPro Project look like? This question comes up in each training course, meeting, or even informal conversation about project management in the development.

Where can I find a PMDPro template? What is the checklist to attend all PMD requirements?

Well, it has no look or face. PMD is a good practices guide, a toolbox that must be used according to your project needs. It means that you might user all tool or just a couple of them. However, it is possible to draw a suggestion on how all phases, disciplines and tools interact to each other.

Teoria da Prática, a PM4NGOs partner in Brazil, has developed a diagram that brings an overview of all phases, tools and processes.

The diagram neither is a recipe nor replace a deep knowledge about the phases and disciplines. It does not replace the project manager decision on which tools to apply. The diagram simply helps the selection of tools and decision if/how/when to apply.

The diagram is available below, in English, Portugues or Spanish.

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