1 (2) - reduzWe are 12,691 certified Project Management Development Professionals, based in 144 countries. If we count all participants that took the APMG exam and add a projection of 20% to all participants that have taken the exam, we might reach 20 thousand PMD practitioners.

20 thousand practitioners!

The tools and methods implementation after the certification is what matters for the beneficiaries. It is the application of the PMDPro knowledge that produces better projects and improves the efficiency and impact of development projects.

The quality of PMDPro training courses, the standardization of the project management language, and the post-training coaching and support are responsible for the positive change in the whole development sector.

One way to assure the excellence of training courses is to bring PMDPro training organizations together and establish a quality level and overall standardization for the tools and language, with respect to the local context and specific needs.

What would be an accreditation program? Accreditation refers to formal, third party recognition of competence to perform specific tasks – in this case, it would provide the means for assessing the technical competence and integrity of organizations offering PMDPro training courses.

gauge_custom_green_15316We would like to hear your opinion.

As a professional searching for skills improvement, would an accreditation influence your decision on what organization to choose for your training?

As a training organization, do you think an accreditation program would benefit the PMDPro development?

Please answer our Accrediting Organizations Survey.

Help us to improve PMDPro and, by doing that, making the world better, one project at a time. Your opinion will lead the future of PMDPro training courses.

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