PM4NGOs_Symbol_BWhite_SquareWe are proud to announce the launch of our new organization logo as part of the ongoing evolution of the PM4NGOs brand. The new logo defines an easily identifiable brand, reflecting the quality or our products, confidence and trust on our partnerships, and clarity and friendly aspects of all methodologies and guides we develop and share.

Although we are very proud of our new logo, the changes we are making and the brand that we are developing goes far beyond the logo. Over the next year, we will launch new methodologies and improve our community platform. The new logo is not the only change we’ve got planned, so keep an eye out for some subtle visual changes on PM4NGOs over the next year too.

You’ll start to see the suite of new logos live on PM4NGOs today. There are a few places that will take us a little longer to update, and we’ll crack on with getting those tidied up over the coming weeks.

PMD Pro_BWhite_LargestThe PMD Pro Guide and all other publications and tools will also embed the new PM4NGOs logo over the next weeks. However, all content has not being changed, nor it will be for now.

If you have used the PM4NGOs or PMD Pro logo in any of your training / marketing materials, please assist us in updating them. We appreciate your kind support. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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