How about sharing your training or best practice picture with all PMD Pro professionals and PM4NGOs partner organizations?

Each month, PM4NGOs will select one new picture of a PMD Pro training or tools application to become the Featured Picture of the Month. Send your picture to and tell us the story behind it (please see the criteria and requirements below).

All submitted pictures will compose our PMD Pro album permanently and the Featured Picture of the Month will be posted on the home page of PM4NGOs. That is a great opportunity for sharing best practices and training that you or your organization develop.

Pictures should be of the highest quality available and meet the following criteria:

  1. The resolution should be at least Standard Definition (640×480), with widescreen and High-Def resolutions (1280×720) preferred.
  2. Please make sure that you have the rights for sharing and posting the picture. If necessary, include the photographer information and the copyright description.
  3. The picture should not have a logo on it. Please send the logo of your organization apart – it will be placed on the side of the picture description.
  4. Include the URL of for your organization or the event.
  5. Remember to write one paragraph (max 500 characters) that describes the picture: where and when was it take? Who is in the picture? Is that training or best practice? What message does the picture have?

Please send the picture to, with the story and information.

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