Whenever I finish a PMD Pro level one training, I can pretty much guarantee what the first two questions are going to be. “When can I do level two”? and “Is there something I can use for my partners”? Let’s leave level two to be the subject of another blog but until now there has not really been a satisfactory answer to the second question. How can people use PMD Pro for their partners? What tools can help?

Clearly, people can encourage partners to do the free e-learning modules, download the guide etc. Alternatively, they can organise some training for their partners – or even run the training themselves. It does, however, feel like an “all or nothing” approach. What if the local partners do not speak one of the languages that PMD Pro has been translated into? What if they don’t need to do the exam? What if their level of capacity is quite low and PMD Pro as it stands, is overkill?

Now, I think we have a solution. PMD Pro Starter has just been launched – http://pmdprostarter.org/ – it is a mobile ready website and has been put together by LINGOs working together with Plan International, PM4NGOs and the Humanitarian Leadership Academy. A lot of project management is about applying tools – so we tried to break PMD Pro down into fifteen tools. Each tool has an explanation, a template, a short, two minute animated video and a short slide deck of three/four slides.

The idea is that people can focus on whatever they need, whenever they need it. You want a reminder about how to do a risk register… open the site on your phone and watch the video. You want a template to help you with the risk register…. Download it. You want to train your partners in a couple of tools…. Download the slides, translate and make any changes you like and off you go. If people want more, the site links to the e-learning modules. The idea is for PMD Pro Starter to be a flexible learning resource for people. We are also in the process of turning the text into a short, downloadable guide…. So – you could print it out and leave it with the partners.

The next time that someone asks what support there is for partners, I won’t need to say anything. I can just show them http://pmdprostarter.org/.


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