Attending requests from trainers and training organizations, APMG has upgraded the PMD Pro exam system. The new system is live and brings several new features and improvements.

Although the new system has changed the purchase, invigilation, and candidate registration, no changes have been made in the exam itself. In other words, candidates will have better control on their registration and results, but taking the exam is pretty much the same.

Please see what has changed, what hasn´t, and where to find support for accessing the new system:

1. Unique authorization code for candidates

The previous set of Account Name, Account Number, and Password will only be used by invigilators. Candidates will now receive a single and unique authorization code, and they will access a Candidate Portal, in which they will start the exam, resume it, and track their result – or results if the candidate takes more than one exam).

2. An improved Online Exam Invigilator Portal

Every time a trainer was nominated to invigilate an exam or set of exams, the system generated new Account Name, Account Number, and Password. In the new system, if the invigilator e-mail is the same used previously, the exam booking will automatically add to your existing Account – regardless if it was purchased as a bulk of exams or if it was a single purchase by a candidate.

3. A new Approved Organizations Portal (AO)

Trainers still have to access the Online Exam Invigilator Portal to validate their candidates’ exams. But, the new Approved Organizations Portal (AO) will allow trainers to track all bookings, follow up their status, access their results, and release the results and certificates.

This Portal is only recommended to trainers and training organizations that apply the PMD Pro exams regularly. For a indicated invigilator who will validate a single exam, he/she will only need to access the Online Exam Invigilator Portal.

4. The Candidate Portal

If a trainer needed to apply the exam to several candidates at the same time, the old process to register, add contact details, start (and resume) the exam could be difficult. Not anymore!

The new Candidate Portal makes the candidates’ access much easier. They access the portal with a unique code and create a profile – before the exam beginning. Further accesses will require their e-mail and the password they create themselves.

If the candidate loses the Internet connection or the computer crashes, returning to the exam only requires that they log in again and press the resume button.

Candidates can also return to the system to verify their results and download their own certificate.

5. Sample Exam now is at the Candidate Portal

At the bottom of the Candidate Portal, there is a link to the Sample Exam. You do no need to be logged to access the exam. If you prefer, simply access the following link:

What about purchasing and accessing the real exam?

You can purchase the exams through the links below. Once you have concluded the purchase process, you will receive confirmation and instructions e-mails from APMG.

Purchase the PMD Pro Level 1 exam

Purchase the PMD Pro Level 2 exam

What happens to the exams that were bought before the system update?

Do not worry. You still can access and apply them. Just use the following links:

Guides and Frequently Asked Questions

Download the Guides for the New PMD Pro Exam System at the PM4NGOs and APMG pages. Please also visit PM4NGOs Frequently Asked Questions page to find the answers to your questions about the new exam system.

You might also find this Infographic helpful. It shows step by step the process – from purchasing to invigilating exams. It addresses trainers and training organizations.



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