The PM4NGOs partner RedR UK, with Bioforce and Pearson, is excited to invite you to create globally recognized, quality assured standards for humanitarian learning and assessment.

You can start now by contributing to their online collaboration board.

Although there is growing awareness within the humanitarian community about the importance of professional development, there are currently no globally recognized standards for learning and assessment providers within the sector.

Research indicates that standards like these would:

  • help ensure aid workers have access to quality training;
  • provide recognition of their competencies; and
  • contribute to the harmonisation of professional development for aid workers around the world.

For more information on the research behind this initiative and plans for the consultation and drafting phase, please visit their website.

The crucial conditions to the usefulness of these standards are that they are:

–  widely endorsed and adopted; and

– accompanied by freely available support materials.

Only then will they provide global recognition of best practice and facilitate improvements to the provision of learning and assessment across the humanitarian sector. With this in mind, we need as many people as possible to feed into the process of creating the standards.

Bioforce, Pearson and RedR UK are working in consortium, with funding from the Humanitarian Leadership Academy, to facilitate the co-creation of Learning and Assessment Standards for the humanitarian sector.

Together, we can create standards that have clear, measurable commitments and help guarantee the provision of quality learning opportunities and competency assessment for people working in the humanitarian sector.

Your participation is crucial to the success of this project and your contribution will be highly valued. The consultation process will include numerous opportunities to feed into the creation of the standards, including online collaboration and face-to-face workshops.

The first step is to draw on your own experience, whether as a learner, a trainer or an assessor and take a few minutes to share your ideas on good quality learning and assessment via this online collaboration board or reply to this email. Please share your ideas by 9 March 2017.

Online Collaboration (click here)

Your reflections will help us start off on the right track and be used to feed into a first draft of the standards.

They want the consultation process to reach as many of the relevant people as possible. Please forward this email on or tell them who else we need to contact.

If you have any questions about this project or would like to discuss your involvement in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact anyone from the programme team:

Angharad Evans at; Ana Urgoiti at; Pearson Team at

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