PM4NGOs has developed the Program Management for Development Professionals Guide to provide advice, tools, and guidance to help Program Managers work effectively at a pivotal level in local, national and international NGOs.

Program managers play an essential role by providing an interface between their organization’s strategic management team and project managers who are accountable for the successful delivery of small, medium, and large projects.

Collecting the community feedback is a key step to improve the guide before the grand launch, in July.

The Guide has been soft launched – for consultation and feedbacks. The consultation period is from May 9th to 31st. We would like to invite you to read the Guide and then send us your feedback.

You can access the Guide preview (full content) at the following link:

A Program Management for Development Professionals Guide – PgMD

After reading the guide, please provide your feedback, through the following survey:

PgMD Feedback Form

After the deadline (May 31st) the PgMD preview will remain available, but the consultation will be closed.

We appreciate your valuable contribution!

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