Don McPhee is a skilled strategic thinker and planner with more than 30 years’ experience in the NGO sector. He has set up and managed large development programs in Asia, Africa and Haiti including adapting management processes to local contexts and is known for his ability to work in diverse cultural contexts and in conflict-affected environments.

In recent years Don has focused on developing and maintaining partnerships with other organisations, with emphasis on organisational development and capacity building of civil society organisations. Effective networking both within organisations and between organisations has been an area that he has given considerable attention, with notable success in Asia and Africa.

For the past three years Don has been involved in establishing the Plan Academy, a global learning and development initiative of Plan International. His initial role was as project manager and for the last year he has been the Head of the Plan Academy when Plan International decided to make a long-term commitment to the initiative. A recent external evaluation described the Plan Academy as a leader and innovator in the INGO sector in learning.

As a member of the Board of PM4NGOs and former Chair of the INGO Steering Committee in Sudan, Don recognises the importance of PMDPro in setting a common standard for project management in the NGO sector while allowing for local adaptation.

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