Edson Marinho is a Brazilian passionate project manager who is ahead of PM4NGOs as the Operations Manager since 2015. He is also the founder and director of Teoria da Prática, a Brazilian project management consultancy, and he is a senior member of the Brazilian PMD Pro Trainers Network.

International Relations Bachelor, post-graduated in Distance Learning and Project Management, PMD Pro Level 2 certified, Edson is an experienced project manager with over 13 years’ experience in managing large and complex projects and multiple small project. He has worked at small and large NGOs like ChildFund, World Vision, and Ética Fairtrade.

I have been involved in training and developing the PMD Pro (Project Management for Development Professionals) since the very first PMD Pro training group in Brazil. I truly believe that we must empower professionals by disseminating project management tools and techniques to the community-based organizations. In the other hand and most importantly, it is from the community that we will learn how and which of these techniques and tools really work”.


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