This month we started the PMD Pro renew and rewrite process. Board Members, staff, and PMD Pro specialists met for three days and were able to outline the new edition of PMD Pro structure and content. An amazing output!

Well, actually, this process has started last year, when we collected suggestions and feedbacks. Trainers and practitioners have recommended what could be included in the guide, what should be more detailed, and if there is any tool, technique, or content that should be removed.

Why are we updating PMD Pro?

PMD Pro was launched eight years ago and we have learned a lot during these years on what works and what could work better in the techniques and practices the methodology presents.

Besides the (crucial) learning process that led us to the PMD Pro rewrite moment, the Program Management for Development Professionals Guide (PgMD Pro Guide) launch also contributed to the beginning of this review process. This is an opportunity to revisit PMD Pro and connects it to the programs level – making the management knowledge that PM4NGOs offers more comprehensive and integrated.

Finally, we are now able to better communicate with trainers and practitioners through our community and Hub, making sure that the new edition of PMD Pro attends their needs and expectations.

What to expect from the guide renew?

Not all recommendations can be incorporated, especially because we do not intend to write a new guide, but to improve what is working well. The PMD Pro essence, and principles will remain the same – improved by what we´ve learned from practical application.

It is too soon to present examples of changes or modification to the guide, but we will update the community on each step we make.

Who will participate (and how)?

We invite all PMD certified professionals and trainers to contribute to the PMD Pro renew and rewrite. If you are a trainer or a certified professional, stay tuned! Follow our social media and subscribe to our newsletter.

  • Monthly webinars will present and discuss specific topics. We will announce them through our mailisting and social media.
  • If you are a trainer, we will continue to ask for your recommendations and suggestions through our Hub
  • We will launch a new collaboration platform before the first draft is ready to bring certified professionals on board.

When will the new edition be ready?

We expect to share the first draft in July and to launch the PMD Pro 2nd early next year. The infographic below shows the project milestones:


It is an exciting moment for PM4NGOs and PMD Professionals! The new edition of PMD Pro and many other tools, methodologies, and guides we will launch this year are the result of our effort to better support the project management in the development and humanitarian sectors.

I would like to express my gratitude to Amanda, Brandy, Clement, John, Terver, and all trainers and practitioners on our Hub who have contribute to this first step. Thank you!

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