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RedR UK is again working with the University of Sussex to increase its ability to measure the impact of our work.

Bulb lights in an orange background representing inovationIt has successfully gained the support of the Humanitarian Innovation Fund to design and test innovative methods to better understand participants’ learning and changes in behaviour following humanitarian capacity-building interventions.

This project will build on the work done in 2016, and draws on the recommendations shared in our previous publication on this subject.

Based on RedR UK research to date and analysis of RedR programmes, evaluation and impact data, three methodologies will be prototyped and tested:

  1. Role play/simulations with video capture at the beginning and end of training to enable the comparison of knowledge/skills before and after the training.
  2. Reflective practices using diaries and coaching sessions to understand how participants are applying their learning.
  3. Ongoing engagement with participants following the learning intervention to enable in-depth case studies at a later date.

Once successfully designed, tested and implemented at RedR, the innovations will be shared with its network, enabling others to better assess the learning and behaviour changes produced by their interventions.

Keep up to date with the project’s progress by reading our regular blogs on the HIF website.

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