NGOs are addressing the need for a power shift in the sector, and to do this we need to change our approach to leadership!

Social Leadership is a reputation-based form of authority, leading with humility, fairness and authenticity, grounded in reputation.

Working with expert Julian Stodd, founder of Sea Salt Learning, Humentum has been offered free access to their latest MOOC focussing on social leadership. Join leaders from around the world as we work towards shifting power in the right way!


In this MOOC explore 9 aspects of Social Leadership:

CURATION – finding your space,

STORYTELLING – understanding narratives and power,

SHARING – adding to the signal, not just making more noise,

COMMUNITY – visible and hidden communities and our roles within them,

REPUTATION – our actions have impact, how we influence this,

AUTHORITY – types of power, awarded to us, if we earn it ,

CO-CREATION – co-creative process in communities,

SOCIAL CAPITAL – drive for equality and fairness in everything we do

COLLABORATION – the pinnacle and the start of Social Leadership.

Register today:

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