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When Indonesian NGO worker Ferita Taufik sought expert advice from British project manager Marisa Silva both parties profited, they tell Project.

Project management consultant Marisa Silva e-mentored, or remotely mentored, Ferita Taufik, and NGO worker managing a quality project at Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa (YCAB), an Indonesian social enterprise. Project asks how their six-month mentoring relationship developed – and discovers that both gained valuable lessons from the experience.

Project: Marisa, how did your relationship with Ferita get started?
Marisa: We got together visually thanks to Project Managers Against Poverty’s e-mentoring network, for project managers who work in international development and the third sector. There is a matchmaking service that matches mentors with mentees. Ferita chose me because of my expertise in quality assurance.

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