PM4NGOs is here to help you to develop your skills and experience as a project or program manager. You’ve worked hard to get your Certificate, but what comes next?

We are considering starting professional development program for all Project DPro and PgMD Pro professionals. It will be called PMD Pro+ and will aim to support you in developing your career, to become better at what you do and gain greater satisfaction from your job.

PMD Pro+ will be managed through a new website. You will be invited to register. We will provide a menu of project and program related activities, some formal, such as webinars and mentoring, some informal, such as posting a report on our forum of a recent project you have worked on. You will log your activities on the website, reflecting on how these activities have helped develop your project or program capabilities. You will earn a badge when you have completed the required amount of professional development for the year.

We will also provide a list of competencies that are needed by project and program managers. You can rate yourself against these competencies to decide the areas you would like to develop over the next year and create a development plan, discussing it with your line manager or a mentor.

Before we start PMD Pro+ we need your help! What do you think of this idea? Do you think it will work? What sort of activities should we offer? Please complete the short survey at 

Thanks for your help. We will let you know what happens.

Peter Marlow, Board Member

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