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In partnership with Project Management for Non-Government Organisations (PM4NGOs) APMG International has launched the Program Management for Development Professionals (PgMDPro) exam. This new certification has been created especially for program managers in the development sector to help offer leadership to project managers and their teams.

PM4NGOs is an international organisation that proactively supports professionalism in program and project management across the international development sector. PM4NGO developed PMD Pro and PgMD Pro in 2011 to develop best practice guides, methodologies, tools and techniques to help project managers in the development sector to improve the impact of their projects and help them maximize the value of their projects for both the investors and the people who will benefit from investments.

The certification is supported by the PgMD Pro Guide which is created to provide the program managers with advice, tools and guidance to fulfil their roles effectively. The objective of the Guide is to outline the responsibilities inherent in the role of the person/s responsible for managing programs and their project components.

Richard Pharro CEO APMG says, “We have worked with PM4NGOs for over seven years and have seen interest in their project management qualification grow year on year. The Program Management certification will help project managers align projects with the goals and overarching strategy of an organization.”

The exam is underpinned by the PgMD Pro Guide incorporating key disciplines, tools and templates needed to deliver successful programs in the development sector. The certification is available exclusively online and candidates can use the training and learning resources offered by its partners via the PM4NGOs website.

This certification scheme is for program managers, team members and support staff working for NGOs on development and relief projects. The certification has been priced to make the costs affordable to staff working in NGOs worldwide.

Edson Marinho, Executive Director at PM4NGOs, says “we have been helping project managers to improve the quality and success of individual projects for over seven years and now we are able to also provide guidance to the implementation of a set of projects together, reaching outcomes and goals more efficiently”.  

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