The Advocates for International Development (A4ID) is a PM4NGOs partner that provides harnesses the skills and expertise of the legal profession to combat poverty.

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“A4ID’s vision is for the law and lawyers to play their full part together in the eradication of global poverty Unequal access to legal expertise acts as a barrier to economic growth and equality of opportunity. A4ID harnesses the skills and expertise of the legal profession to combat poverty and to drive progress in helping to realise the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We do this by partnering with leading law firms, barristers, in-house lawyers and legal academics who are keen to offer their skills free of charge, to support development organisations and developing country governments in need of legal assistance.


Advocates for International Development - Lawyers Eradicating Poverty

What we do A4ID works with an extensive network of legal partners – more than 50,000 legal experts from every part of the world – whose pro bono work has so far benefitted communities and organisations in 123 countries.

Our development partners include non-governmental organisations, social enterprises, community-based organisations, developing country governments, and developing country Bar Associations and Law Societies, who are all working towards the eradication of poverty and furthering the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

A4ID’s legal partners have helped to influence policy decisions in developing countries, supported the growth of fledgling social enterprises, and worked with development organisations to empower local communities, influence legislation and protect rights in the world’s most vulnerable communities.

Legal partners also work to address the fundamental legal issues involved in the day-to-day operation of development organisations, advising on areas such as corporate governance, contracting, intellectual property and business modelling. This allows these organisations to operate more effectively, and therefore increase the impact they can have towards meeting international development targets.”

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