Name: Malvern Marks
Country: South Africa 
Study: Self-Study or Training

“I wish to express my gratitude for successfully completed my Project DPro level 1 and 2. When I joined SOUTHERN AFRICA FEDERATION FOR THE DISABLED (SAFOD) as a volunteer resource mobilization, was introduced to the course by the Programs Manager GEORGE MWIKA KAYANGE. After going through the course curriculum available online, I found that the subject material covered to best suit my career goals.

I am in my 4th and final year for BSc project management currently volunteering under SAFOD specializing in resource mobilization for various programs and interventions that they undertake. As part of my role I liaise with the donor community regarding the programs and projects that are I would have identified as problems in relation to the United Nations policies and local governments legislations. Currently I am working on developing a monitoring and evaluation framework for SAFOD [SOUTHERN AFRICA FEDERATION OF THE DISABLED]regional NGO that advocate for inclusiveness of disability. This is currently progressing well as I am able to put into practice the knowledge that I acquired my studying of the Project DPro course.

My responsibility, diligence and management aptitude were integral to the role, however, my efficiency in my delivery seems to be accelerated by the knowledge I have gained through training in the issues of humanitarian developmental projects I strongly recommend anyone who is looking to expand their knowledge in developmental project management to participate in this Project DPro I am certain that the knowledge and skills learnt from my professional experience, coupled with Project DPro program would make me a valuable to SAFOD Organization”


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