From July 24 to 27, the Project Management Training (PMD Pro) was ministrated for 21 employees of the humanitarian organization Aldeias Infantis SOS Brazil in the city of Poá-SP. The training was facilitated by Cristiano Moura and Saulo Esteves.

Check out Josué Carvalho (National Coordinator of Monitoring and Evaluation) testimony: “The PMD Pro methodology is consistent and very tangible to our work. In addition to being experienced in activities similar to those of our organization, the facilitators demonstrated excellent mastery of the content and were very competent in transmitting it, making the classes in light moments, pleasant and very productive. I felt motivated to master the content presented, to make sure of it, and to continue to know the methodology. I am also anxious to put into practice what has been given and to obtain satisfactory results in the projects in which I am involved. “

The participants took the online international certification exam on the last day of the course.

“For some time now I’ve been looking for a way to systematize and qualify the work I do. I really enjoy planning and organization. I have always tried to bring planning and analysis tools into my daily life, but the routine and the demands always ended up surpassing the available techniques and tools. With the formation of the PMD Pro, I discovered that what I needed was not simply tools but a way of systematizing my thinking and my routine, bringing the universe of tools, indicators, processes and strategies to a structuring, planning and management logic of the projects that I have under my responsibility. A logic that, with the training, I now begin to incorporate into the daily work that I develop along with my team. Super I recommend the PMD Pro, which will be a watershed in my professional trajectory! “, Said Michèle Mansor, National Articulator of Gender Equality Policy.

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