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APMG International has launched digital badges for successful candidates to share a credential online and easily broadcast certified skills to employers and other interested parties.

Over 10,000 digital badges have been issued already!
We are delighted to announce that more than 10,000 digital badges have been issued as of June 2018!

Find out more about claiming your APMG digital badge:

Successful candidates can now claim a digital badge to embed on an email signature, website, social media platforms or a digital CV. With just one click employers, clients, customers and other interested parties can easily view and verify credentials and skills.

To deliver the digital badges, APMG has partnered with Acclaim, a global leader who supply open badges for a wide range of academic institutions and global businesses. Candidates accessing their website badges on the Acclaim platform can also access labour market insights data which tags skills earned from the certification to available jobs searchable by location, employer, and salary range. Applying for a job is just a few clicks away.

“Our open badges are secure digital representations of credentials. Through a single click employers can verify the certification, understand the qualification and something of the process required to earn it,” says Nicholas Houlton, COO, APMG International. “The badge can be easily embedded on a CV, email signature and social networking sites, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.”

Digital badges are available for exams currently delivered by APMG. To access their digital badge candidates must have taken their exam with APMG International from 1 January 2016 to current date.


Share your success on social media

Candidates can also raise their profile and share their exam success by clicking on the Twitter and LinkedIn buttons in the candidate portal. Sharing your certification success demonstrates:

  • You are committed to continual improvement
  • Your skills are current
  • You are a highly skilled professional


How to claim your badge

To embed your digital badge simply log into the APMG candidate portal and click on the create badge button. For full instructions visit APMG’s presentation.

Please note The certification needs to be currently available by APMG International, and the exam must have been successfully passed after 1 January 2016.

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