The Communitaria Consultoria Social has concluded a research about Social Development Project Management in Brazil:

“This research reflects our discomfort on issues faced daily as a consultancy. At times, we partake in dialogue with organizations trying to clarify how to form adequate goals for projects, while other times we discuss advanced methods of impact evaluation. In the field of social investment we have many different levels of knowledge that provoke us continuously. We frequently catch ourselves in conversations about just how much the challenges we encountered during operations have in common.

Therefore, the idea was to create conversation around discussing the number of coincidences and to what extent the exchange of knowledge and of practices can lead us – as part of the social investment field – to discuss and find solutions more collectively. We have twice managed to gather a group of stakeholders but, beyond difficulties with agendas, we had to rise to the challenge of investing alone in free circles of knowledge, despite being a small company… The next step was to formulate research, with the help of the participants, in order to map out the field and generate knowledge that would lead us to reflect on it.

It was not an easy journey, but we counted on people who were dedicated and willing to collaborate.

The response to the research took longer than we would have liked. We had problems along the way, yet we continued on and we would try to further analyze each group of results so as to provide all the possibilities of vision and analysis that we could. We did not focus on coming to conclusions by ourselves because we would wish for all the data to help you arrive to your own conclusions and experiences… We believe that everyone has his or her own conclusions and paths to follow.

Also, a big thank you to all those who have participated, it has been incredible!”
Communitaria Team


Social Project Management – Research Results

Created by Comunitaria Social Consultancy


Gestão de Projetos Sociais - Resultado de Pesquisa

Criado por Comunitária Consultoria Pessoal

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