Being part of an NGO, as member of the communication team, makes possible to apply all of your knowledge either to document the results of a project, position your brand, or make the organization known by its activities. But also, and one of the most important roles, is the good relations a communicator can build, between communities, authorities and the Organization working on different intervention areas.

For this reason, the PM4NGOS training course, becomes an excellent tool for the communicators to accompany the implementation of the projects that an Organization performs. It helps the professional to get a bigger and a detailed portrait of the intervention and how the results will, in the future, impact the lives of families and communities. This, in addition to the communications specialists’ knowledge and tools, can make possible to identify the future achievements and the improvement of live skills the project will produce in the families, making possible, this way, to get ready to know the materials that can be prepared, in different formats, in order to document, and show the results of the project.

As part of the communication team in the Organization, the specialist supports the process of evaluation, getting in touch with the families, leaders, and other actors, to identify their needs and how can these be solved. With the tools provided by PM4NGOs, the professionals can listen and identify the needs more appropriately and help them to translate them in activities.

Also, the course provides the chance to innovate and propose new projects related to communications for development, that can be led by the communications professional trained in Project Management. With PM4NGOs and the tools provided, which are flexible and simple to apply, the project can be easily monitored, being possible to execute the projects in time and in budget.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter your role in the Organization you are part of, or your position, either if you visit communities more or less often, PM4NGOs gives you the tools to understand and implement all kinds of development projects.

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