Name: Maged Kassoum
Country: Syria
Study: Self-Study or Training 

“I am Maged Kassoum. A humanitarian young man worker based in Syria. I think no effort is required to define or explain SYRIA.
I am writing to tell you about my experience in achieving Project DPro Level1, especially how I proudly gained Project DPro certificate.

Living in conflict zone, I apprehend the deep need for acquiring more professional skills and competences in humanitarian domain, especially in project development sector. I joined many INGOs: Syria Recovery Trust Fund/SRTF as field coordination officer; Islamic Relief Worldwide as FLS project officer and ACTED as TVET and SME Livelihoods assistant.

During that time, my need to have more knowledge about managing projects increased fast; it even turned to a must. I was eager to attend and to study the most professional course which enable me to manage relief and aid projects professionally.

Again, short time available to educate myself due to my engagement in relief work, unsafe environment due to different war works- fighting between opposed sides, battles, air attacks and different bombardment- and other catastrophic circumstances prevented me from attending development and training center.

At last, I decided to search the internet for the ideal platform which can grant me this professional training. I registered in because I see it verified and reliable one. I read about Project DPro in its content.

I started studying the course step by step taking notes and important pieces of information on my notebook. Learning Project DPro is honestly exciting process. It needs you to be patience and it requires to focus and to concentrate on different Important details which includes all analysis processes, treatments, plans and charts from different sides and aspects. This is because Project DPro course is really comprehensive one. It has rich and valuable content. I studied unit by unit making use and exploiting my past experience and knowledge in Humanitarian domain. I could feel the increase of my knowledge during the progress in learning process among the content units. So many concepts, topics and ideas with which I am familiar are enhanced along with my acquisition of new concepts, principles and fundamentals of project management.

Maged Kassoum success story with Project Management in Syria

Really, this course is ordered in proper manner which enables trainees to understand, practice and to test themselves. Moreover, Project DPro course is divided into separated modules in a proper way in order for the trainee to absorb every subject well.

Another fundamental landmark which distinguishes studying Project DPro is the ability to pause your study whenever you are obliged to depart your computer: cut or weak internet access or sudden loss of power resource-as most frequently happened in conflict states like Syria. You can resume your study from the point you stopped at last time at any time you are ready again.

In my opinion, primary exam of the units and quizzes for each unit or basic and essential idea and concepts in Project DPro program are the most distinguished features of the adopted methodology in this platform.

After I successfully finished studying the course including all assigned materials and units, I contact Project DPro training team requesting access to attend the exam. Short time later, they answer me with approval and they dispatched me the code which enables me to take the exam. I prepared myself well to take the exam taking into consideration all preparedness. I started the exam on 4th September. Unfortunately, I did not reach the middle of the exam as I remember when my town encountered brutal air raids. Many air strikes hit the area where I live. Internet access was cut and I was forced to leave my computer. This DESTROYED my entire dream! Two days later, I access the exam portal to know I lost my chance to resume the exam. I think I left it open when I exited it first time.

There is no hope left! I reflect on my situation and I decided to contact the administration of Project DPro Exam Administration and Project DPro Guide to explain my situation. Really, I communicated with them illustrating my situation and conditions. Immediately, they respond to my appeal and promise me to grant me the opportunity to take the exam again. Many thanks from my heart to The Disaster Ready Team, APMG and others!

The order of the Project DPro exam is excellent. The way, according to which the questions are prepared is interactive. In addition, there is enough time given to students who studied the course to pass it. Furthermore, the exam has variety of questions which amazingly cover the entire course so that students who studied the course well will definitely feel content with the Project DPro exam and its questions.

Now I feel pleasure and satisfaction after I passed the exam and after I got the certificate which will be issued soon. Again, I would love to express my gratitude for PM4NGOs for helping me reaching my destination. Really, Project DPro has increased my knowledge in humanitarian work and development project sector. I am sure I will apply what I learnt from this course in the coming days making use of the content and I am sure Project DPro course will upgrade my career status.

Cordially, thank you PM4NGOs for this self-learning material and for PM4NGOs’ team appreciated help.

Maged Kassoum 15/09/2018″

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