Partnership Strengthens Development Project Management in Brazil and the World

The Itaú Social Foundation and PM4NGOs established partnership to promote and share development project and program management methodologies, best practices, tools, and other content. The partnership will increase development opportunities for professionals and organizations supported by both organizations.

The Itaú Social Foundation, its initiatives and partners will have access to PMD Pro[1]and PgMD Pro[2]best practices guides, all PM4NGos methodologies and tools, and to the continuing professional development program PMD Pro+

Likewise, the 19 thousands certified PMD Professionals will have access to Itaú Social Foundation publications and videos, and they will be able to register to training courses offered by the Development Project Economic Evaluation Network.

Beyond the management techniques and tools exchange, the organizations intend to cooperate on translating and developing new methodologies. “We believe that the Itaú Social team knowledge and experience is most valuable for new methodologies that we develop and to improve the ones we already have. We also hope to contribute on strengthening the projects supported by the Foundation˜, says Edson Marinho, PM4NGOs Executive Director.


About Itaú Social 

Itaú Social develops, implements, and share social development technologies to contribute to an improvement of Brazilian public education. The Foundation work is based on social development programs, promoting civil society organization, and implementing researches and evaluations.

Collaboratively with a network of partners, service providers, and contributors, Itaú Social efforts aim the integration of Brazilian federal government and municipalities to deliver what is everyone’s right: access to proper and adequate education, with no restriction of time, space, ethnic, origin or gender.

Understanding that public education demands a collective organization, Itaú Social invite all interested individuals and organizations to jointly create and make prosper a Development Education cluster, to make it possible develop citizens able to build the nation everybody wishes for.


About PM4NGOs

PM4NGOs is an international non-profit organization that seeks for an equitable and sustainable world where social investment achieves the greatest impact.

PM4NGOs promotes excellence in the management of social investment projects and programmes through the creation and development of best practice guidance for development professionals, certification schemes for those working in the sector who will be proud to hold an internationally recognized qualification and a forum for communication and discussion about international development sector best practice.

The PM4NGOs mission is to promote and sustain the professionalism of program and project management in the international development sector.


[1]Project Management for Development Professionals

[2]Program Management for Development Professionals

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