We are looking for the best success stories from PMD Pro professionals, showing the impact of the application of tools and knowledge in project management and, as PM4NGOs we want to celebrate this success by giving to the three best stories, PgMD Pro free exams… Yes, free exams for the best video o written success stories.

How to participate?

Please upload to our website a story through a video clip or a written story and photographs  that shows your testimony as how using the PMD Pro certification tools and guides has impacted on project management and implementation. The content of your story should include:

  • The name of the candidate
  • The project implemented
  • The place where it is implemented
  • The most important achievements you have identified
  • And a message about why you would recommend certification to others.

If you send a written story, the maximum length is one page or 600 words. It is required to attach photographs that show the work in the field, at least three photographs in .JPG or .PNG format.

If you send a video, make sure you include in your testimony all the points above. This can be recorded from any device, ensuring that the audio is clear as well as the image. Videos should be no longer than one minute. Upload your video in your facebook, youtube or vimeo page and share your link with us. If your video doesn´t include footage also share with us some photographs.

Upload your stories to our website in the following link: https://www.pm4ngos.org/pmd-pro-stories/ Stories uploaded from March 18th to April 30th will be considered in the contest.

The winners

PM4NGOs will form a jury who will evaluate the stories and select those most creative and which demonstrate the impact on project management.

The winners will be announced on the PM4NGOs website, as well as on their digital platforms.

The prizes consist of:

  • First place: A PgMD Pro exam and a PMD PRO exam. The second can be delivered to a third party, which is part of the story sent.
  • Second and third place: A PgMD PRO exam.

The best stories will be socialized through the PM4NGOs website and digital platforms.

PMD PRO Success Stories Contest

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