Written by: Game Changer Team

PM4NGOs gladly announce Game Changer as our new training partner.

Welcome to Game Changer! We are excited to officially introduce ourselves on the PM4NGOs blog and begin our partnership in making the world a better place. We are a global training organization and consultancy, working hard to support NGOs, charities and other development organizations in their work. Our mission is to accelerate positive change by consulting, coaching and delivering training programs to the highest quality standard. We have worked across the globe including the UK, Kenya and Bangladesh and have seen the incredible results our clients have achieved by applying the high-impact principles of PMD Pro on their projects. Perhaps seeing these results is the most rewarding part of our work and what keeps us so passionate as a team. 

At Game Changer we are really passionate about spreading PMD Pro and PgMD Pro with a view to increase the success rate of the development projects globally. That’s why we have created a self-paced online course on PMD Pro, which is the first of its kind in the world. This course is delivered by our lead trainer Shahriar Khan, who has experience of delivering projects management courses for hundreds of organizations in eleven countries. (link to the course – https://courses.gamechangertac.co.uk/PMD-Pro-Level-1-Online-Course). At the moment, we are working on creating PMD Pro online course in Bengali. 

We also provide training on a number of other areas leadership and management, communication skills, intercultural issues, procurement, social medial engineering. In many of our training courses we use experiential learning to strengthen the learning outcomes.

We are confident that our collaboration with PM4NGOs will be mutually beneficial and that it will help us maximize our positive impact on the international development projects and development organizations globally.

Please visit http://www.gamechangertac.com for our upcoming courses on PMD Pro and PgMD Pro.

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