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Project management professional development: agile or traditional?

Training and certification is a great way for project professionals to demonstrate their knowledge and competences to current and future employers. Whether aligned to a particular framework or methodology, or a focus on the key attributes or a project manager, training and certification can prove incredibly valuable for enhancing skills and enabling career progression.

With a wide range of options available in the marketplace, it can be a difficult and time-consuming task identifying the best option/s for one’s career development.

This is further complicated by the rise of agile and its influence on the project management landscape, with more organizations and project professionals than ever embracing agile tools and frameworks as they aim to increase the success of – and return on investment from – projects and other change initiatives.

With agile now mainstream in project management, a key decision faces many project professionals considering training and certification, and indeed those embarking on a career in project management. The decision is linked to a question along the lines of:

Should I certify in agile or traditional/waterfall project management?

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