Social, environmental, and economic needs are complex and require participation of a variety of stakeholders. It is essential for an organization to form partnerships and alliances with other NGOs and civil society organizations to achieve better results. In addition, strategic alliances with local and national governments, companies, and industries increase the chances of a project success. 

Working through partnerships helps to save resources and joining efforts on initiatives (projects) that are similar or related. More importantly, coordinating projects would avoid overlapping activities and, therefore, overloading a community with too many events, training, meetings, and mobilization.

Partnerships also allow exchanging information and learning from each other: not only at the organizational level, but also through field team’s interaction and mutual development.

Finally, but not less important, it is only through partnership management that it is possible to establish good project and programs’ governance. Successful projects and programs are likely to be delivered through partnerships, within consortiums or other strategic alliances.

PM4NGOs has invited two specialists, Mazen Housseiny – Organizational Development Manager at Syria Relief, and Nyananso Ekanem – Managing Consultant at Weircapacity, to talk about this topic on webinars that will be presented on May 29 and July 4, respectively.

You can register for these free webinars in the following links:

Mazen Housseiny
Syria Relief – Syria.
May 29 – 1:00 PM Universal Time UTC

Nyananso Ekanem
Weircapacity – Nigeria.
July 4 – 3:00 PM Universal Time UTC

It is through the partnership with Syria Relief and Weircapacity that PM4NGOs presents the discussion of this important topic for project and program management.

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