The Project DPro Guide has been downloaded over 38 thousand times in the past three years and it is available free of costs at PM4NGOs other websites across the Internet. As a PDF document, it is accessible at most computers and mobile operational systems.

Attending suggestions from many learners and practitioners, the Project DPro Guide is now available in Kindle and paperback formats, at Amazon Books, worldwide. There is a cost to purchase these formats, which varies from country to country. Make sure you access the Amazon site of your country to get the right local price.

We worked to make the Project DPro Guide cost at Amazon as much lower as possible, as we would like to make it affordable to our main audience: community-based organizations and project managers.

At this moment, only the English version is available for purchasing at Amazon. We expect to publish the Project DPro Guide in other languages and the Program DPro Guide very soon.

It is important to state and assure that Project DPro Guide and all PM4NGOs best practices and tools will always be available free of costs in PDF format.

Download the Project DPro Guide, full version, free of costs.

PDF Format

Purchase the Project DPro Guide, full version, at Amazon Books.

Kindle and Paperback

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