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Name:                  Saulo Esteves
Role:                     Professional of Monitoring and Evaluation of Social Projects
Organization:      ChildFund Brasil

What are your thoughts on the training / exam?

“I have no doubt that Project DPro is the best project management course for professionals in the third sector. The great advantage of Project DPro is that there are excellent tools applicable to all project life cycles. In addition to providing rich content for the development sector, Project DPro enables you to be internationally certified in project management. I recently achieved the Level 2 certification.”

Have you used the exam in your job role yet? If yes, how has it helped?

“Yes. Thanks to Project DPro, ChildFund Brazil and its local partners have implemented best practices and approaches to project management through specific tools applicable to the social development sector. The people who have been empowered have become more capable and safer to perform their work. This makes all the programs and projects in our portfolio succeed and places us among the best NGOs in Brazil. Today, I particularly feel more familiar with issues related to project life cycles, impact measurement, social indicators, risk management, stakeholders from the social context, and other specific third sector issues.”

Has it helped you to develop your career? If yes, how?

“Yes. After Project DPro training and certification, I feel more qualified to act in challenging contexts of the development sector and prepared to make the best decisions when managing social projects. With the certification I have gained more professional credibility and with the knowledge I have the opportunity to train others, so that projects of my organization have a positive impact on the lives of children, adolescents, youth and their communities.”

We would like to thank Saul for the testimonial!
How about you? How is your experience with Project DPro?

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