The necessity for lifelong learning is well-established. Having become certified, fresh learning experiences help professionals to maintain their knowledge and keep up-to-date with the latest developments. Many professional qualifications are no longer valid for life, and holders must demonstrate Continuous Professional Development (CPD) in order to retain their credentials. PMD Pro+ offers a range of activities for just this purpose.

The PMD Pro and Program DPro certifications help you to gain and affirm knowledge of project and program management in the development sector. Becoming certified is a great achievement. But don´t stop there!

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PMD Pro+ is a member website dedicated to achieving these goals. PMD Pro/Program DPro certified professionals can advance their knowledge in a number of ways:

Competencies. PMD Pro and Program DPro cover a wide range of skills and knowledge. The PM4NGOs competencies assessment helps professionals to identify areas where they can seek to make improvements in their skillsets. Using this tool, PMD Pro certification holders are able to pinpoint the relatively weak areas in their knowledge. 

Mentoring. If your competency assessment or another source highlights knowledge gaps and/or weaknesses in a particular area, mentoring can be the perfect way to address such a limitation. PMD Pro+ has a mentoring forum where numerous professionals are waiting to partner you in addressing such an issue. Mentoring relationships can be as short as just one session, or longer arrangements – according to the needs of the mentee. Mentoring is an enriching experience for both parties, and often the Mentor benefits just as much as the mentee.   

Continuous Professional Development. Articles, forums and resources provide opportunities to refresh your knowledge and explore new or unfamiliar aspects of PMD Pro and Program DPro. The PMD Pro+ website is regularly updated with new material. 

Courses. To strengthen competency areas and perform CPD, PMD Pro+ has 36 mini-courses for Project and Program Management. Each course directly relates to one of the 36 PMD Pro and Program DPro competencies. Courses are available at different times, and a platform badge is awarded for each successfully completed course.

PM4NGOs offer all of these CPD activities free of charge on the PMD Pro+ member website. If you are either PMD Pro or Program DPro certified, join PMD Pro+ to get the maximum benefit from your certification.


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