Name: Abdullah Al Noman
Contry: Bangladesh
Study: Self-Study

“My name is Abdullah Al Noman.
I am a 24-year-old boy studying in Khulna University Business School. However, I am actually from Dhaka which is the capital city of Bangladesh. Staying far away from my home taught me several life lessons. Point to be highlighted, it offered some career insights too. Now, I am writing to express my journey in becoming a PMD Pro certified.
I would like to commence with why. How I made it will be followed later. Bangladesh is an emerging country with a lot of economic, social and political barriers. It is not an affluent country, not even close.

Moreover, more than a million rohingya found shelter in refugee camps who fled from the neighbor country, Myanmar. They are residing in  Teknaf And Ukhiya Upazila around Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, which is now home to the world’s largest refugee camp. As a humanitarian response, a noteworthy number of NGOs are trying to help them. We need more development works for the sake of our

Luckily, I am obsessed with staying organized and making everyone’s life easier. It brings such a genuine peace to take the burden off of the people of the society. While studying, I always feel proud to work as a volunteer in different humaitarian organizations. The development sector has evolved as a vibrant, exhilarating place to work in, and a great media to shape my career too. I yearned to allign my career with study. The journey started then. In the meantime, I went through multiple project management academic courses . I have learnt Gantt Chart, Zero Based Budgeting, Fishbone Diagram etc. From that day, I found this more promising as it helped to manage my personal self too i.e. time management, risk management etc. Then I used to explore in the internet about project management.

I found so many certification programs and eventually I was oscillating which one to choose to study. In this regard, Shahriar Khan, a Project Management expert, Founder & Managing Director of Game Consulting Ltd guided me through the entire process. He provided me the link of PM4NGOs Guide. It is totally free of cost. Getting started with the guide, I found it very comprehensive. As soon as I finished the entire book, I discoverd that there is a linkage and the topics are intuitively chronological. I started to reread and this time I tried to go deeper and made my concept clear. In the meantime, I had to go through a surgery. Months passed by, I leaned back in my chair, frowning. May be some would fall short, but the real rainmakers would make up the difference. Needed to start over again. I can make it from home, that was the biggest motivational factor.

After a short revision, I sat for the demo exam. Cordially, I say thanks to PM4NGOs for the demo exam. Somehow, I passed but the score was on the line. I understand the questions are developed such a way that I have to have a crystal-clear concept about every topic. This time, I started to go through the guide step by step taking notes and highlighting the important information. I never get bored learning PMD Pro. The more I dig down, the more I find amazing. This is because the course is really pellucid, and
real-life material. It ameliorates my outlook and knowledge level about project management, I must say.

After I successfully finished studying the course inclusive all materials and units, I was ready to attend the exam. Short time later, I sat for exam. The most eloquent point about the exam is the time. Adequate time is given to think, rethink and revise. It is a total competition with thyself. It covers almost every topic of the course. The question pattern is also noteworthy, it is a blend of theoretical and conceptual knowledge. After the exam is done, I got overwhelmed to see my result. I have obtained almost 85 percent marks studying at my home! All required is nothing more than consistency,
passion & believe in yourself.

Once Again, I must express my heartiest gratitude for PM4NGOs for developing such schemes. It is a total Project Management acumen and I am feeling confident that I can apply what I learnt from this course onwards in my personal and professional life.”

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