Meetings are an inevitable part of a project and program manager’s job. They are often seen as an unproductive use of time that stops any “real work” from happening. However, if run properly they can be a great way of collaborating with your team and your stakeholders and getting things to happen.

This guidance presents 10 top tips to help you to run effective meetings. It’s part of the art of project management, as defined by Project DPro, which focuses on the people elements of a project and requires skills that enable project managers to lead, empower, motivate, and communicate effectively (see pages 28/29 of the Guide to Project DPro)

Please note that this is a resource available at the DPro+ platform. In order to access the DPro+ you must be Project DPro or Program DPro certified.

Click here to read this full guidance and access the series of “How to” guides available at the DPro+ platform.

The “How to” guides are booklets that present guidance and tips to develop some of the Project DPro and Program DPro tools. Some of the activities related to the project/program management routine are also included in the “How To” collection.

If you have an idea for a “How to” guide or you would like to write one, please contact our team and share your experience.

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