PM4NGOs is aiming to expand its network of local hubs worldwide. PM4NGOs Hubs are expert volunteers who represent PM4NGOs in specific country or region, providing support to learners and practitioners around the world.

Through these hubs, Project DPro students and practitioners meet their peers, make new contacts, network, build knowledge, share solutions and ideas, and enjoy activities and events.

Your support will help to provide transformational learning and certification to project managers working in the development and humanitarian sectors, serving to community based non-profits organizations and professionals.

Visit the PM4NGOs Hubs page and read the profile of our current representatives in Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras, Jordan, Nigeria, Turkey, and Syria. 

We are currently looking for new representatives in Canada and the USA, but you are invited to submit your application even if you are based in a different country. PM4NGOs Hubs Program will continue to expand across the globe and your application will be reviewed for (near) future expansion.

The next selection process (Canada and USA) will happen on May 31, 2020.

Can you help to form and run a local hub in your country or region?

Click in the button below and submit your application!

Note: In order to become a PM4NGOs Hub, candidates must be Project DPro (PMD Pro) or PMD Pro certified.

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