Many professionals are struggling with a reduction of their income, temporarily or permanently as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Students also wonder how they will be able to find an internships or jobs in a world of reduced opportunities and social/work contact.

As part of PM4NGOs Covid-19 response, we will be offering unemployed (and furloughed) workers reduced exam fees during the month of June for the Project DPro exam. Unemployed workers will pay USD 22 for their exams and USD 5 for the online invigilation, regardless of their country.

Students already pay USD 22 for exams, however during the month of June,PM4NGOs will waive the USD 5 invigilation fee for students wishing to take the certification exam 

This reduced fee and invigilation waiver is applicable for individual candidates who are able to provide an evidence of their status as a student or as a temporarily or permanently unemployment.

Project DPro and Program DPro guides remain free of costs to download at the PM4NGOs website.

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