The magnitude of the Covid-19 crisis is like nothing our sector has faced before. The success of the response relies on the collective action of the whole and united effort to address long standing
deficiencies and exclusions across the sector.

PM4NGOs and our partners are development and humanitarian practitioners from across the world.
We have witnessed, first-hand, the impact professional development can have, especially in project management. Now more than ever we believe it is imperative that local and national actors can
access timely, targeted, and credible professional development to help them navigate the Covid-19
context to deliver quality assistance to their communities safely.

We are asking organizations from across the sector to join us in a call to action. By endorsing this
letter, we are acknowledging and supporting the prioritization of investment in professional
development for local actors to accelerate the global COVID-19 response. It is our firm belief that an
effective and coordinated response can only be achieved when local and national actors have the
knowledge, skills, tools, and flexibility to be able to better serve their communities.

We are inviting organizations to join us in this open letter because collectively, we are better able to
advocate for and influence change around this issue. All organizations and stakeholders who
endorse this letter will be listed (in name, listed alphabetically) on our website, in a press release, in
communication with stakeholders, and on social media. This letter will be shared with stakeholders
and the general public to generate dialogue and discussion around these issues.

I would like to ask you to invite the local actors and other organizations that you have access to
endorse our letter.

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