PM4NGOs gladly announce Caritas Nigeria as new training partner.

Written by: Caritas Nigeria


Caritas Nigeria – also referred to as the Catholic Caritas Foundation (CCFN), was established in 2010 as a development agency of the Catholic Church. With a focus on Integral Human development, her interventions are anchored through six key thematic areas namely: Health, Agriculture and Livelihoods, Good governance, Emergency/Humanitarian Response, Anti-human Trafficking; and Institutional
Capacity-strengthening. Her mission is to stimulate and drive development into every segment of the Nigerian society irrespective of race, religion or class.

Caritas Nigeria leverages the existing structure of the Church to achieve her mission. This comprises of hundreds of healthcare facilities and schools, thousands of communities and a huge network of local church partners and institutions in over 56 dioceses of the country. Beyond this, Caritas Nigeria
belongs to an international confederation of about 165 Caritas member nations (Caritas Internationalis) whose common goal is to carry out development interventions across the globe. Through these, she is better-positioned to effectively collaborate and share knowledge at local and international levels.

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