Written and created by Communitaria Consultoria Social


This quest arose out of certain discomforts developed after years working with Social Investment. Later, they turned into questions/hypotheses that demanded a searh for information/solutions.

It was a long way (and still incomplete). However, it enable us to share our discomforts and perceptions. The following is a summary of the results of the phases already carried out so far.


  • Phase 1: Understanding Social Project’s Management challenges hrough a free poll on social media (in 2018)
  • Phase 2: Identyfing monitoring and evaluating projects challenge’, as well as the tools used to manage them through a poll on social media (2020)
  • Phase 3: Collecting challenges, paths chosen and scenarios for projects monitoring and evaluation and it’s use as a tool for strategic decision – through interviews (2020)
  • Phase 4: To conclude, with support from the PIPE Entrepreneur FAPESP, a proposal for systematizing project evaluation and monitoring (end of 2020 / beginning of 2021)
  • Phase 5: Applying the pilot for systematization in Social Projects

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