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These four blogs follow the real-life conversations between a team leader and facilitation expert. They discuss an upcoming workshop and what objectives this workshop can help the team leader meet.

Facilitating a team workshop

Prior to the pandemic our expert facilitator Tony Mann, was chatting to a client about a workshop. This blog recaps their conversation and demonstrates the questions and thought process you will need to follow to ensure you clearly define the objectives of any upcoming workshops.

Designing a (strategic) workshop

This second blog in our series discusses designing your workshop.

Facilitating a virtual team workshop

In this blog the conversation between our facilitator and his client continues in a changed environment – with some of the client’s team furloughed due to the coronavirus pandemic and the future workshop now being virtual. Continue to follow their conversation as the facilitator provides tools on how to manage change.

Being a virtual facilitator

In the final blog in this series, it is the day of the workshop and Tony Mann addresses the limitations and benefits of the workshop now being virtual. The blog includes some very practical advice, including an example of a schedule for the workshop and worksheets to help identify and understand stakeholders’ key drivers.

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