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Since the reform and opening up, China’s philanthropy sector has developed rapidly, and many experts with rich experience and insight have emerged. However, the lack of systematic knowledge is one of the main challenges China’s philanthropy sector is facing now. In order to promote the professional development of China’s practitioners, Sany foundation cooperates with PM4NGOs, hoping to translate the Project DPro 2.0 into Chinese version, and promote the application of the manual through training.


On March 11, 2021, Sany foundation held the online launch meeting of Project DPro 2.0 Chinese version in China. A total of 272 people attended the launch meeting. The project staff of Sany foundation introduced the background and significance of cooperation with PM4NGOs. Mr. Edson Marinho, executive director of PM4NGOs, greets China’s philanthropy partners through recorded video, and introduces the history of the organization and the guide. Dr. Charles LEUNG, assistant professor of Beijing Normal University and Hong Kong Baptist University, led the team to translate the manual. Dr. Charles shared the significance of the Project DPro 2.0 of the development of China’s philanthropy sector. Two China organizations, Handa Social Work Service Center and Yixiu College, have obtained the training qualification of Project DPro 2.0. They share their observations from the perspectives of public philanthropy effectiveness and human resource development. Project director of the China Foundation Forum made comments for the launch meeting. The launch meeting also communicated with participants. In order to attract users, Handa and Yixiu offer training concessions respectively to encourage participants to join in the learning of Project DPro 2.0.

At present, the translation of Chinese version of Project DPro 2.0 exam is in progress and will be open to Chinese users in the near future. In many activities in 2021, Sany foundation will introduce Project DPro 2.0 to practitioners in the philanthropy sector. Handa and Yixiu will also continue to promote the application of Project DPro 2.0 in China.

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