“I have been working in the NGO sector as professional since since 2003 and assumed various levels of responsibility within international organizations as well as in innovation startups. As detailed in my CV, I am a Project DPro and Program DPro certified professional. I have a multicultural background and identity being both a Brazilian and French citizen. I have a fluent command of French, English, Portuguese, as well as Spanish.

Besides all the intrinsic management challenges I learned from during my carrier, my responsibilities have allowed me systematic contact with NGO business management, program development strategies, networks, resource mobilization challenges. At the same time, I have acquired on the ground and facilitation experience through leadership and coordination roles in fragile contexts.

Building capacities and sharing knowledge is an integral part of my professional approach, the
programs and organizations I have been managing have grown and flourished with the direct
engagement and active participation of field stakeholders, staff and business partners such as local government, academics, social movements, and private businesses.

My previous working experience in Plan International, ChildFund and World Vision, as well as my current activity as Co-Founder at Quintessência and Country Head at Earthworm Foundation, has
provided important opportunities for the development of key technical and leadership skills. These include stakeholder engagement, team building, curriculum deployment, institutional networking, conflict- resolution, complex negotiation, grant acquisitions, portfolio, program and project design, budgeting, evaluation, and report writing.

Since 2011, I have been o Project DPro enthusiast and advocate in all organizations i worked for. As a credited trainer, I had the opportunity to interact with a multitude of practitioners from diverse backgrounds seeking for guidance on their challenges to deliver impact. As a a hub representative for Brazil, I witnessed the progressive growth and maturity of PM4NGOs to become more representative and engaged with local civil society and local NGO’s networks.

As a board member and hub representative, my priority will be to support PM4NGOs strategic vision to promote and sustain the professionalism of program and project management in the international development sector. The emerging participation of hubs in the PM4NGOs governance system is an unique opportunity to practice a strong participatory leadership role, engaging with my hub pares and voice their suggestions, concerns, ideas and energy.

Finally, I am aware of the demands that the board member role poses and consider that with my
abilities I will be able to meet the expected duties and responsibilities. For that, I offer my experience, personal drive and willingness to learn and contribute to PM4NGOs journey.”

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