Now you have decided to attain your Project DPro Practitioner certification you will need to choose whether to take charge of your own learning process or contact a mentor for help.


All of the information you need in order to pursue Practitioner certification under your own steam is available on DPro+.

You will decide when to study, what resources to use and you will take charge of ensuring that you perform all of the activity log tasks within either the final time limit or your desired period of time.

To begin, go to the Project DPro Practitioner menu bar.

Training organization

PM4NGOs has a number of training partners who can guide you through the activities required to become a Project DPro Practitioner.

If you prefer to be mentored towards your Practitioner certification, we recommend you contact one of these training partners.

These trainers will show you how to complete activity log tasks and recommend specific resources to help you on your Practitioner journey.

The list of training partners offering mentoring services for the Project DPro Practitioner certification can be found at the main PM4NGOs website.  

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