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PM4NGOs is delighted to announce the launch of the MEAL DPro Certification. The MEAL DPro Guide and Certification complete the PM4NGOs suite of best practices and international certifications, along with the Finance DPro and Program DPro and led by the Project DPro (PMD Pro).

Over the past decade DPro guides and certifications have reached over 30 thousand professionals, working at hundreds of organizations, in 175 countries. The MEAL DPro exam becomes now available not only for these professionals, but also for others who search for a certification-based, sector-wide MEAL standard.

We would like to share our appreciation to our NGO Partners, Training Partners, and all professionals who contributed to the MEAL DPro exam development. A special thank you to Leslie Sheriff, the PM4NGOs Advisory Group, and PM4NGOs Hubs, who worked side by side with our team to prepare and launch this exam. Finally, we would like to thank our partners Catholic Relief Services, Humanitarian Leadership Academy, and Humentum for their trust and support to PM4NGOs developing the MEAL DPro Certification.

The certification exam

The MEAL DPro exam follows the Project DPro format, accessibility, and pricing tiers:

  • The exam has 75 questions that might be: multiple choice with 1 or more correct answers, fill a blank (select), rank, or put in the right sequence.
  • The pass mark is 65% – or 49 correct questions.
  • The exam is open book, and its duration is 2h.

To learn more please visit the MEAL DPro Certification page.

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