The Alan Harpham Award has now bi-annual editions. 2021-2022 nominations are closed.

Read the Eligibility, criteria,  process details, to prepare and submit your nomination / application in the next edition (2022-2023).

Eligibility and criteria

Before submitting your application or nominee,  please carefully read the eligibility, criteria and details of the award process below.

  • Please nominate only yourself or one person.
  • Multiple nominations submited by one person will not be accepted and will disqualify all submissions.
  • If a candidate is already nominated, do not nominate him/her again.
  • Multiple nominations to one person will not affect the award selection process and decision.
  • Please make sure all contact information provided is accurate.
  • Failing on comunicating with the candidate will disqualify the nomination.
  • Nominations and candidacy will be accepted in English only.
  • Only the first 100 nominations / submissions will be accepted.


  • Current members of the PM4NGOs Board of Directors are not eligible to be nominated for the award.
  • Current staff/employees of PM4NGOs (including regular / recurrent consultants) are not eligible to be nominated for the award.
  • Current members of the committee selecting the award recipient are not eligible to be nominated for the award.
  • Past recipients of the award are not eligible to be nominated.

Individuals can nominate themselves or they can nominate another person.

  • If the individual is filling the application form to nominate another person, the candidacy will only be valid after confirming the availability and interest of the nominated person to be considered as a candidate for the award.
  • PM4NGOs will contact the nominated persons to confirm their availability and interest to be considered as a candidate for the award.

Nominations / candidates for the award must complete the application form and may submit up to three letters (one-page each) of recommendation/support describing:

  • The association with the candidate and the length of time associated with the candidate.
  • The qualities and experiences that make the candidate distinct in the project management for development and/or humanitarian sector.
  • Why the person recommending/supporting his/her nomination believes the candidate should be selected for the Alan Harpham Award.

Language: nominations and candidacy will be accepted in Arabic, English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.


How has the candidate committed to advancing project management best practices through PMD Pro? The candidate must fulfil one or more than one of the following criteria:

1. Innovation

How has the candidate demonstrated creativity and innovation in the successful implementation of PMD Pro tools and principles? The innovation must be a direct consequence of or based on PMD Pro application.

2. Impact

What are some qualitative and/or quantitative measures of the impact of the candidate’s work in project management for development and/or humanitarian sector through PMD Pro?

3. Promoting Access

How is the candidate’s actions focused on promoting the access to PMD Pro to a range of stakeholders in the sector such as community based organizations or local NGOs?

Remark: Promoting Access must be understood not by regular training, but giving the opportunity to professionals to access the methodology. E.g. training in difficult contexts/conditions.

Selection Process

The selection process is composed by 02 phases:

1. Short list selection

  • The short listed candidates will be chosen by a specific award committee comprised of PM4NGOs board members and staff.

2. Final selection

  • The final selection committee is composed of all members of the PM4NGOs Board.

Interviews: The Shortlist Committee will decide if an interview process must be developed in order to collect more details about the candidates.

  • Shortlist Committee can decide on: no interviews, interview all candidates/nominees, interview the finalists only.



The Alan Harpham consists of:

  • A certificate recognizing the awardee;
  • A lifetime honorary membership to PM4NGOs community;
  • Recognition and publication of his or her work on the PM4NGOs website, social media outlets, and community.
    • The information provided by the recipient will be posted as blog article at the PM4NGOs website after PM4NGOs review.

 Application / Nomination

The Alan Harpham Award 2020-2021 nominations are closed