We would like to hear you

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1 (2) - reduzWe are 12,691 certified Project Management Development Professionals, based in 144 countries. If we count all participants that took the APMG exam and add a projection of 20% to all participants that have taken the exam, we might reach 20 thousand PMD practitioners.

20 thousand practitioners!

The tools and methods implementation after the certification is what matters for the beneficiaries. It is the application of the PMDPro knowledge that produces better projects and improves the efficiency and impact of development projects.

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Are we listening enough to local voices?

Development Sector

I’ve taken a couple of days to reflect on what I heard at the WHS and what I didn’t hear.  My first reflection is that local voices were not prominent enough and that the WHS process did not listen to them enough.  My second reflection was that those with most power chose either not to come, or not to use their powerful voices to call for the kind of revolutionary change that is needed.  I hope, but am not yet sure, that the future echoes of the summit will create an opportunity for deeper and more equal partnerships between international and local organisations, as well as greater diversity of collaborations which will promote innovation.

Local Voices

The odds were stacked against being able to hear local voices.  Local actors were in a minority of participating organisations and were largely only able to attend the side-events.  Relatively few panels in the side events featured representatives of local organisations and it was hard for them to get opportunities to contribute from the floor too. Continue reading “Are we listening enough to local voices?”

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PMDPro overview: IPMA Brasil

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IPMA Brasil team has developed a PMDPro article that synthesize the best practices guide. This is an excellent overview of the PMDPro phases, knowledge fields and tools that allows the reader to have a good comprehension of the PMDPro prior to the guide reading.

Please click in the links below to download the articles in English or Portuguese:

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