Project DPro (PMD Pro) has become the most adopted standard for Project Management in the development sector. Many local, regional, and global non-profit organizations have adapted and adopted not only Project DPro, but also Program DPro, Finance DPro (FMD Pro), and MEAL DPro guides.

Join PM4NGOs network to improve project management of your teams and partners, giving them the opportunity to becoming DPro certified.

There are two options for becoming a PM4NGOs Non-Profit Partner:

This is the recommended partnership for non-profit organizations that roll out DPro courses and certifications continuously or for large groups.

  • You will receive full support from our team, including customized reports, live sessions to answer candidates' questions about the exam process, and access to a dedicated portal with marketing and support materials.
  • PM4NGOs will handle all Admin tasks and setup exams for your team.
  • Once exams are purchased, we will create candidates' profiles, setup their exams, which will be available at their profiles automatically.
  • This is the most simple process for you as Admin (just need to send us the list of candidates and exam date, after purchasing exams), and for candidates (just need to access the system and take the exam, with no setup steps).
  • In addition to the exam costs, there is an annual fee.

Note: this process will become standard for non-profits partnership by 2025.

This process is recommended to organizations that would prefer to assign its own team member to manage candidates or that would make a one-time exam purchase (for a group of candidates).

  • Signing an MoU is required to comply with GDPR and Privacy Policy requirements.
  • One assigned Admin user from your organization will upload, create, and manage candidates' profiles, including requests for changes and support.
  • You will be able to purchase groups of exams vouchers.
  • Candidates will use the vouchers to individually purchase and setup their exams.
  • The access to the system allows to download the results report on a raw data format (CSV).
  • You will receive support from our team, but candidates' management and reporting tasks are performed by a designated team member of your organization.

Contact our team and share your need for offering DPro Exams to your team,
and we will discuss the best approach and support to provide.